Kingsman: The Secret Service



The Awesome:
– Posh Ass-kicking = Tickled by the idea of well-dressed, well-spoken people kicking butt and being awesome?  You’re in for a good time.

The Good:
– Fun = It’s fun.  It’s not dark, and even when it’s trying to be serious, it’s not that serious.  It’s pretty light-hearted and fast-paced, and has some good humor too.

The Bad:
– Main Character Hallpass = The main character does things that would be unbelievable, but the audience/movie gives him a hallpass because he’s the main character.  If you really start thinking on some of these scenarios though, it can make you go, “huh?”

– Plot Hole = The twist/reveal at the end is fun, but if you give it some thought, you realize it’s also probably a plot hole.

Verdict = Doesn’t need to be seen in a theater, but worth the watch.  There is blood and violence, but it’s not of the gore-and-entrails-horror variety; it’s more humorous/purposeful.  There is also nudity, but all you see if a back and a butt; not very scandalous.  Overall, an entertaining watch.

Jolly good show.

Jolly good show.

!!! Spoilers Below !!!

Okay, now for the spoilers that will elaborate on the two “Bad” points I felt the movie had.

– Main Character Hallpass = As Eggsy is fighting his way through Valentine’s base, and again when confronting his mother’s abusive boyfriend, he is shown to have amazing fighting skillz.  How?  When did that happen?  Yes, he was in training/testing for a while, but not long enough to gain that level of skill.  Also, in a base full of super spies and spy tech, trainee Eggsy was the only one to notice that Arthur was a traitor/bugged?

– Plot Hole = Arthur is revealed to be in league with Valentine.  Once Arthur joined up with Valentine, why wasn’t he trying harder to sabotage the Kingsmen’s efforts to stop him?


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