The Imitation Game


Hello ladies, gentlemen, and sloths, and welcome to my blog!  I have decided to take some time out of my slothful days to attempt this blogging thing.  As you may or may not be aware though, sloths are slow and sleepy, so do not expect updates to be frequent or regular, although I was certainly try to make them so.

That being said, I am going to review a movie.  Watching movies and TV are popular hobbies of the sloth population, myself included.  On today’s agenda: The Imitation Game.


Bias: I love Cumberbatch.  I am a Cumbercookie (Cumberbatch doesn’t like the term “Cumberbitch”).

The Good:

  • Good Acting = Cumberbatch nailed it, and Kiera Knightly was surprisingly good.  The supporting cast also did a good job.
  • Characterization = The portrayal of Turing is a genius, and perhaps a touch Autistic, was enjoyable.  It was done so viewers could understand and sympathize with such a character.
  • Tension = The movie managed to take something that could be very dull – a bunch of educated people sitting in a room for months/years trying to break a code – and make it interesting and exciting.

The Bad:

  • Questionable Accuracy = I’ve read articles saying that Turing wasn’t so quirky/isolated, and was more out about his sexuality.  I’ve also read that Turing didn’t really create the machine, but revamped/improved it with significant help from Gordon Welchman, none of which was mentioned in the movie.

The Other:

  • The Feels = There are a couple of sad moments, one of which actually made me tear up.  I thought it was well done, but I know some people don’t like sad parts in movies.

Verdict: Enjoyable and thought-provoking.  Even if it isn’t accurate, it will make some people – like myself – curious enough about Alan Turing that they may research him further.  Definitely worth the watch.