Locke & Key: Volumes 1 and 2



This series has good reviews, so I decided to give it a shot.  Considering the cover art and the fact that the first volume is called “Welcome to Lovecraft,” I should’ve known that this was a horror series, but for some reason I went in expecting something different.  I am not a horror fan, so the books were already at a disadvantage when it came to impressing me.

One of the main things that stuck with me about the books is the tone of them.  They almost feel like Tim Burton, but turning down the “pure weird” factor slightly and turning up the “violence” factor.  In some ways I feel these books were more violent than a lot of movies, because a movie keeps moving, so you don’t spend a lot of time dwelling on the moment of decapitation, for example.  In these books, if a character is shot or stabbed or whatever, you’re seeing it out the corner of your eye the whole time you’re reading the panels on the open pages.

I felt the story got off to a slow start.  I just assumed the plot would be “move to old house, play with magic keys”; I didn’t realize there’d be more to it until at least half-way through the first volume, or maybe once I started the second volume.  There is a plot/mystery, and of course it’s creepy.

Do I like it?  Meh.  It’s kinda like, I dunno, peeling the dead skin off a sunburn; gross, but oddly fascinating.  I can’t say I like the books, but the story is picking up in the second volume and I’m still reading them, so I guess that’s something.


Rating: 6/10


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