Blood Trail


BloodPriceOmniThis is the version of Blood Trail that I own.  It’s technically an omnibus, having both Blood Trail and its prequel, Blood Price.  My reaction to these two books can easily be summed up with memes.

Blood Price:


Blood Trail:


You can read my review of Blood Price here, which I wrote before attempting to read Blood Trail.  I didn’t finish Blood Trail and had no desire to, which lowered my opinion of Blood Price too.

In Blood Trail, the biggest problem is Vicki.  I want to like her.  She seems like a strong female character, and she has a distinguishable personality.  Unfortunately, Vicki’s personality rubs me wrong.  She’s stubborn, argumentative, and a little hot-tempered, and not in a cute or funny way.  No, she’s the sort of person you hate getting in a debate with because you know it’s going to turn into an argument, and regardless of the outcome you’ll end up with your blood pressure raised.  I know people like this, and I avoid them, and now that I’ve made that association with Vicki, I can’t forget it.  The only parts of Blood Trail I liked were the parts that she wasn’t in, and since she’s the main character I figured that meant it was time to stop reading.

Blood Trail Rating: 3/10


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