Secret Wars: A-Force #1



I’m generally not a comic book fan.  Most traditional comic book art doesn’t impress me, and I think comic books are an expensive hobby.  However, when I saw an ad for A-Force in one of my Free Comic Book Day comics, I decided to give it a shot.  I like the idea of an all/majority-female team, and of seeing some female heroes I know less about take the spotlight.  In those regards, the comic didn’t disappoint.

The concept behind Marvel’s Secret Wars is the multi-verses have collided and created one patchwork place called Battleworld.  So all the different universes’ variations of certain heroes can all conceivably exist on the same planet now, in different locations and/or new combinations.  A-Force takes place in an area called Arcadia, where the majority of superheroes are women.  I like this.  It’s fun to see all these different female heroes I like on one team, and to read a plot/story where the women are in charge without the men being reduced to slaves or house-husbands.


The female hero squad regularly patrols boundaries of Arcadia, and as we watch them make their rounds, we see a number of heroes: Lady Loki, Captain Marvel, Pixie, Spider Woman, and more.  From the cover and various internet summaries I know who the main characters will be, but in this chapter it felt like the most important characters were She-Hulk, Sister Grimm/Nico Minoru, and [Lady] Loki.

We learn that this new world has some new rules, and that breaking those rules have serious consequences.  This is obviously going to be a point of conflict in the series.  There is also a hint at some other unknown danger at the end of the chapter, as well as a mysterious character.  You know, things to get you to tune in next time and buy the next book.  And I definitely will.

Art: 6/10 (Slightly better than average for common comics I’ve encountered)
Story: 7.5/10
Overall: 8/10 (Admittedly, this is partially just due to my excitement of an all-star female team)


Now to head into my thoughts and speculations about some particulars.  First, Lady Loki.  Lady Loki is apparently a guardian/mentor/parental figure to Ms. America – who was apparently taken away/drafted as a result of breaking one of Battleworld’s new rules – and Sister Grimm.  As far as I know, there are very few times where Loki stays a good character.  I anticipate tension at the very least.

The face of trouble.

The face of trouble.

Singularity seems like she’ll be an interesting character.  One of the comics’ creators basically said she’ll provide an outside perspective on the A-Force/human race – think Spock, Q, Castiel, etc. – and will possess the ability to move between worlds/dimensions.  Since breaching the borders of Arcadia – or whatever little piece of Battleworld a character lives in – is one of the new big No-No’s, Singularity presents an interesting potential loophole and dilemma.  And since Sister Grimm is the one that found her, it looks like the comic’s writers are planning to head in that direction.


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