Island of the Sequined Love Nun



I loved Moore’s book A Dirty Job.  I remember liking several parts of his book Lamb, even though I didn’t finish it for some reason.  Then I read Practical Demonkeeping and this book, and I was just so disappointed.  And bored.  And frustrated.


So chronologically, the books were written in this order: Practical Demonkeeping, Love Nun, Lamb, A Dirty Job.  Since the book I liked the most of those four is the most recently written, I’d like to think/hope that part of the reason is because Moore’s storytelling has improved over time.  I’ll have to try one of his other, more recent books.

But back to the Love Nun book.  I didn’t love it.  In fact, I found extremely boring, and couldn’t bring myself to waste the time trudging through the rest of it when I knew I could be reading something else.


Tuck is an idiot who thinks with his dick, and ends up crashing his employer’s private plane during an ill-advised mid-flight liaison.  Then he gets a shady employment offer and ends up on a backwater island with a collection of odd characters.

There’s the taxi driver, with the junker taxi car and aspirations to be a Crips gangbanger.  There’s the intelligence officer that spends his days “spying” on the island’s “navy,” which basically amounts to a fishing boat.  And there’s the cross-dressing prostitute/pilot named Kimi who has a live bat necklace/pet.  Sounds like a fun group, right?


Nope, they aren’t fun.  It’s not like they’ve created a fellowship to help the main character, thus becoming interesting and entertaining side characters.  No, the story diverts from the main “plot” to show you how quirky these other characters are, but ultimately they contribute nothing to the story but filler.  And it feels like filler.  It’s like ordering General Tso’s Chicken from a Chinese place and getting a dish with a bunch of broccoli and peppers and other vegetables, and just a couple of pieces of chicken.  Vegetables are okay, but you’d probably feel cheated and want more chicken.  Well, I wanted more story!

Where's the plot?

Where’s the plot?

What I read felt like an aimless mess that was going no where fast, so I gave up.  I don’t care what happens to Tuck, so I’m just going to pretend he was eaten by cannibals so I can move on to another book.

Rating: 2/10


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