Free Comic Book Day 2015 – Part 2



This book actually has four different manga stories inside.  I will review each part separately, starting with Attack on Titan.

Considering all the praise and hype surrounding Attack on Titan, I expected it to blow my mind, but my brain has remained in one piece.  In fact, by the end of the story, I was kinda going “So what?”  Yes, I can see how the story has potential, but the actual part in this manga book was nothing special.  I may watch the series on Netflix, but unless the TV series is amazing, I won’t be reading any more of the manga.

Rating: 6/10


This second part is about a homeless, roaming, D-list god.  I was expecting the god to have a Naruto-type personality, or maybe be like Captain Jack Sparrow.  He turned out to be a bit of a jerk and not that interesting, so I didn’t like him.  I like the idea of curses and blessings personified/coming to life, but it’s not enough to get me to spend money to read the rest of the series.

Rating: 4.5/10


Viking invasion of Britain.  Meh.  I like medieval fantasy stuff, but this was lacking in the fantasy element.  I ended up skimming the story and nothing really caught my eye.  Nothing of interest here.

Rating: 2/10


With how unimpressed I’ve been with the majority of my FCBD loot, I was not expecting a story like this.  The story follows an old man, diagnosed with terminal cancer at the very start of the story.  To make things even sadder, his family all either takes him for granted and/or ignores him.  The only character that seems to give a shit about him is the dog.  His situation kicked me right in the feels.

The story’s summary hints that the old man will be getting abilities of some sort, and the ending was pretty cliffhanger-y.  I like stories with a less conventional main character, I like the potential of the story, and I wanted to hug the old man.  Inuyashiki is the first and only story from all of my FCBD loot that genuinely makes me want to buy more to see what happens.

Rating: 8/10


Boring.  The premise described in the summary wasn’t particularly interesting – sounded like a sappy YA novel – and the actual manga wasn’t any better.  A guy finds some girl’s clothes hanging in a tree, and then sees a not-naked girl playing some music for some kids.  That’s it.  I just told you all of what happened in a single sentence.  BORING.

Rating: 1/10


Speculation on Inuyashiki.  I’m not sure how spoiler-y this is, but figured I’d put a warning.  The official summary says that after an incident, the main character – Ichiro – notices something different about himself, and that maybe he’d have a chance to become a man worthy of respect.  The end of the tease implies that he was accidentally killed by aliens, and rebuilt as a robot/cyborg (or something similar).  This could mean that his cancer is gone (I hope), and that he could have all sorts of fun robot/cyborg powers.  Elderly gentleman with super strength and laser eyes,perhaps?  Now that’d be interesting!


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