Free Comic Book Day 2015



The art was fairly close to typical Western comic style art, but I found it more tolerable since I really like Doctor Who.  These stories were definitely the best of all the comics, having three self-contained mini-episodes, two of which I could easily see being full-length TV episodes.  The fact that the stories made sense, were entertaining, and each reached a conclusion made this the hands-down best comic that I picked up on Free Comic Book Day.

( 0 = Die in a fire, 5 = Average, 10 = I lurv it)

Art = 5
Story = 7
Overall = 6


The first comic, the Secret Wars, was boring and stuffy.  The whole thing was nothing but a bunch of stuffy kids standing around discussing the pseudo-science, colliding-universe nonsense that Marvel is going to use as an excuse to create the giant crossover.  While the crossover sounds interesting, this part of the comic was a giant snoozefest.  I’m not familiar with Attack on Titan, so while at least the second part had action, I wasn’t that impresses with it either.

Art = 5 (Both)
Story = 3 (2.5 for Secret Wars, 3.5 for Titan)
Overall = 4


I was interested to see the new Ms. Marvel, Spiderman, and female Thor together as I hadn’t seen them before.  It had action, but the story was just… meh.  It wasn’t good or bad, it was just there, and it was short.  The Inhumans part was better.  I wouldn’t say it was great, but it was enough to intrigue me about the series; what I saw of Medusa made me interested in her.

Art = 5 (Both)
Story = 4.75 (4.5 for Avengers, 5 for Inhumans)
Overall = 4.75


The Teen Titans part left me conflicted.  The art is cute, but very childish.  Maybe I’d get used to it with time, but it seemed too youthful for a book about teenage superheroes; might’ve been better for something like Powerpuff Girls or Invader Zim.  The story was a silly bit of fluff with no real plot, but it was self-contained which was nice.  The Scooby-Doo part was stupid.  A team of superheroes, including the detective-smart Batman, the ridiculously powerful Superman, and Supergirl needed to call on the Scooby Gang to solve a “ghost” problem?  No.  Just, not.  I don’t buy it.

Art = 5.5 (6 for Titans, 5 for Scooby)
Story = 4.5 (6 for Titans, 3 for Scooby)
Overall = 4.5


I had high hopes for this one.  The art is interesting, and just judging from the cover, I figured it’d be about a motorcycle-riding female hero gang.  Nope.  It had potential, but the writing/way the story was told made it boring.  Very disappointing.

Art = 6
Story = 2
Overall = 2 (Story outweighed art)


UGH!  So bad, it was frustrating.  The “good” art in this comic book looks like Sunday comic strip art at best.  In the first part, each “story” was only one page long.  Each story was about stupid stuff that might happen in any normal high school, but not even the fun stuff, just lame, run-of-the-mill events!  In the second part, the “stories” were a single line long.  That’s right, three frames!  I didn’t even bother finishing it, and considering it’s basically a picture book, that’s sad.

Art = 1
Story = 0
Overall = 0.5


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